In the Beginning:

Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. was founded in 2013 by a Massachusetts Aesthetician, Holly Brown who received certification in Oncology Aesthetics.  Her passion became more evident when she, herself, underwent chemotherapy treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and Sarcoidosis and saw how this medication changed her skin.  Since then she, along with her Board of Directors and volunteers have worked hard to spread the word about this very important service.  Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. has received recognition by the media, been awarded grants and donations from several supporting entities in the community and has managed to integrate itself into local hospitals and cancer centers.

Mission Statement:

Looking and Feeling FAB, inc. provides comfort and relief for those who have undergone treatment for cancer and developed skin side affects impacting overall health and well-being.  

Our mission is supported by four important goals:

  • To offer effective skin care treatments, products and education by Aestheticians who are Oncology trained and are properly educated to treat skin conditions resulting from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and non-cancerous medications. 
  • To use products free of fragrances, and harsh chemicals while still being affective in treating skin side effects.
  • To work alongside oncology personnel in medical facilities and play an intricate role in ones cancer journey by stressing immediate interaction to preserve and protect health-challenged skin. 
  • Present our information to attendees and graduates of Aesthetic programs, other cancer organizations, medical communities, those suffering with cancer, survivors and the general public encouraging them to become strong supporters of our mission and goals.  T

                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

              John J. Brown, President -

      Alethea Noonan, Vice President / Treasurer -

      Stephanie Poirier, Secretary -

       Victoria Canwell, Director -

      Maureen Smith, Director -

      Julie Mahoney, Director -

      Kathryne McNichols, Director -



       Holly Brown, LE, COE, Executive Director / Founder -

      Laura May, MBA, LE, COE, Executive Business Manager,


       Jordyn Warren, LE, COE -

      Christina Murdock, LE, COE, LMT -

      Barbara Devlin, LE, COE -

      Ashley Erwin, LE, COE -

      Molly Pinho, LE, COE -