Testimonials from Clients

  Donna (Lupus) -"Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. and Image Skincare have dramatically improved my life and I am eternally grateful!  When I was diagnosed with Lupus several years ago, I had a host of skincare problem and light sensitivity that was extremely difficult to care for.  Although, I still have extreme sensitivities to both products and to sunlight, my regular skincare treatments with Holly Brown, Lic. Aesthetician/Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc., as well as the homecare products from Image Skincare, my skin for the first time in my life feels healthy and rejuvenated.   The Prevention + SPF 50 I am able to use on a regular basis and glides smoothly and gently over my skin, while giving me excellent broad-spectrum protection that allows me to go outdoors more. The Ormedic Line is full of anti-inflammatory, soothing botanticals that provide my skin with much needed hydration and nutrients without ANY irritation. The regular facial treatments that I receive approximately every 6 weeks at no cost to me by Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. have significantly improved my skin tone and hydration, while decreasing the irritation and puffiness that I get from my both the medication and the Lupus.  A thousand Thank YOU's to these two wonderful organizations!!!  You have truly changed my life." 

Victoria (Breast Cancer) - Everyone has days that I call “life changing events”.  You remember where you were when the event occurred, perhaps what you were doing, who was with you, the weather, or even what song was playing on the radio.  Well I had a day like that not too long ago.  June 3, 2013.  It was a Monday and it was a beautiful day.  It was also the day I found out I had breast cancer. 

Now when you find out something like this you suddenly become an “expert” of sorts in that field.  However, there are a ton of things you do not know until you are in the trenches.  One of the things I did not know until I was in the trenches was how battling cancer would affect my skin.

From surgeries to chemotherapy treatments to radiation.  At every turn my skin was being attacked.  My skin was dried out, itchy, cracking, and unhealthy looking.  That was until I was introduced to Holly Brown, LE, COE, MLD.  I met Holly while I was in the middle of my chemotherapy treatments at a seminar for skin care during and after cancer treatment. 

Holly’s foundation, Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. offers skin care education and treatment free of charge for people in my exact situation.  After hearing her speak I knew I needed to seek her expertise.  I could no longer allow my skin to suffer the effects of cancer treatment.

At my first appointment with Holly we discussed my history and my pre and post cancer skin.  I have always had very sensitive skin and now it was even more sensitive.   

Holly told me she was going to use a line of skin care products called Ormedic from Image Skincare.  She went over all the products in the line and their benefits.  Honestly, I was willing to try anything at this point to help my skin.  After receiving my skin treatment from Holly she sent me home with some trial kits.  I used them religiously and the difference that Ormedic made to my skin was amazing!  I was very excited to see Holly and show her the improvement in my skin.  While I still had a way to go, my skin was noticeably healthier at my second session with Holly, a mere 6 weeks between sessions.

After my second session more and more people started to notice the improvement in my skin.  Not only was I able to use the Ormedic line on my face, I used it on my head.  Having a bald head in Massachusetts during the colder months is not attractive. 

I will say the biggest compliment came to me in December 2013.  I had just had my bilateral mastectomy and was told by my nurse that I had the “best skin she had ever seen on a cancer patient” and it is all due to the Ormedic skin care line.  I am happy to report that the compliments about my skin continue to pour in.  My skin’s health is noticed by friends, family, other cancer patients, and most importantly by my doctors.

Not only do I use the Ormedic line for my skin I also use the Image Skincare line of sunblock.  After having surgeries and radiation my skin is uber sensitive to the sun.  The sunblock (SPF 45) Holly provided to me has kept me, my scars, and my radiation site amazingly protected.

If it were not for Holly and the remarkable services and products she provides there is no telling the condition my skin would be in after cancer treatment.

 Jenn (Multiple Myeloma) “I love the products (especially the eye cream) - there is a definite improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. I look and feel younger! Thanks so much. “

 Michelle (Multiple Sclerosis) – “When I began chemotherapy for treatment of my Multiple Sclerosis I felt like it meant I was going to die.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew chemotherapy was used to treat cancer and so I thought my MS had progressed so much that now I needed chemo.  Those feeling all went away once I started chemotherapy infusions but what I didn't expect was what happened to my skin.  My skin, which was always so sensitive, became even more sensitive and dry.  It became very thin and fragile.  I even developed acne which I never ever had in my lifetime even while growing up.  Then I heard about Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc.  I filled out the application and had my doctor sign off.  Then I was introduced to Holly Brown and Image Skin Care.  They both literally changed my life.  As soon as I applied the Image products my skin felt healthy and smooth.  I had never been able to put a product on my face that didn't completely turn it red.  As the days went on and after subsequent visits with Holly people actually started to notice.  I couldn't believe when people would say that my skin looked amazing.  I even used the products on my hands and nails which became very brittle and sensitive.  Now I can wash dishes and take a shower without feeling like my nails are going to crack and fall off.  I am so thankful for Holly and Image skin care.  I tell everyone I know who suffers from health-challenged skin about the program and about Image Skin Care.  I feel like a human being again and not an old leathery lizard.” 

 Janet (Breast Cancer) – “People have been telling me how nice my skin looks.  I can’t believe that people actually have noticed.  Since suffering from cancer my skin was the most problematic issue I had that sunk my self confidence.  Meeting Holly and being introduced to Image Skin Care has really made a difference in my overall health and well-being.”

 Jeanne (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)“Meeting Holly and being introduced to Image skin care has changed my life.  It has really made that much of a difference to me that it has simply changed my life.”

 Kim (Breast Cancer)“I was so excited about this program when I first learned about it, and it did not dissapoint! I came to Holly, still bald from the chemo with uneven/bumpy looking skin, not feeling or looking the greatest. I had been looking for more natural/organic products and this program has helped me with it all! Now my skin feels smooth and I love it! I have even had compliments on how great my skin looks! The cherry on top is that I can trust these products, and they have great results! Holly is very sweet, and makes you feel so comfortable. I Love this program! I have told many others about it, including my radiologist and other cancer survivors! Thank you for everything =)”

 Pat (Colon Cancer)“I have been treated and my skin has improved.also my eyelids have cleared up.

 Marjorie (Breast Cancer) The services are absolutely wonderful and the anestheticians are professional, knowledgeable and personable.  They take the time to get to know you and are very good at selecting the best products for each person.  I absolutely love all the Ormedic/Image products.  My skin has gone from dull, lifeless, dry and unhealthy to feeling smoother, cleaner, more moist, and an overall healthiness.  I like knowing that the products doing have chemicals and the ingredients are natural and good for your skin.  They have helped my skin tremendously and having them available, as well as the services, free of charge has been a huge help, since I don't have much money and also am retired and on a very limited income.  Many, many thanks to Looking and Feeling FAB for providing the wonderful service that greatly benefits so many.”

 Theresa (Breast Cancer)“I came in to meet Holly back last month and was worried about my dermatitis. She assured me that she could help and by God she is an angel! Pleasant, encouraging and helped me so much. Thanks”

 Jeanne R. (Leukemia)“During my journey suffering from leukemia, my skin was affected by many of the treatments, medicines and side effects. I was fortunately introduced to Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. at the Cancer Support Community MA-SS.The skin care products and services made available to survivors like myself help in the recovery process not only to our skin but certainly to our overall well being. Receiving massages and learning important information from my professional  aesthetician who is so caring and sensitive to her client helps each day be better. The products I have been introduced to at my appointments are really wonderful for my skin and I have noticed great improvement.

I hope that these services will continue for myself and others. Looking & Feeling FAB Inc. is the only organization that I have heard of in this area and to me their services are very necessary for those who struggle with serious diseases.”

 Anne (Breast Cancer) - “Although I have just started with the program, I am very impressed with the people and products representing this program. I had no idea they were people and programs to help people like me. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to this through the American Cancer Society. I do not know any other program that does so much for people with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Using these products every day has helped the overall quality of my life and skin. The representatives of your program looking great and feeling fab are extremely helpful, friendly,and very knowledgeable regarding cancer and it's effects on in my life. It certainly has put a bright spot in my life. My skin is so much better and the itchiness has improved by at least 70% so far. I have not yet started the treatment part of the program as I am very new to it. I am anticipating the treatments to be extremely helpful. Besides the physiological changes I have experienced psychological changes as well. Just sitting and talking with your representatives at appointments has given me new knowledge about my disease as well as the problems with my skin. It is wonderful to talk to someone who understands and has such knowledge on both subjects.so I will certainly recommend this program to other people I know and also recommend donations to the program. Thank you very much for everything you do.”

 Judithe (Lung Cancer, Lupus)“This service has been a God-send as I have been on disability since cancer dx. My skin had withered due to deconditioning. Now it is stronger not wrinkled with less bruises. Very greatful got this service and to HOlly for her hard work.”

Kristine (Breast Cancer,) - Looking and Feeling Fab has been an incredible resource for me during my breast cancer journey. During my first consultation, Holly went over my diagnosis, treatment plan and adapted the skincare regimen to needs, making the experience extremely personalized.  While the people behind the organization are simply amazing, the products that are shared, at no cost to those in treatment - and beyond, are the highest quality. During treatment, I’ve been told numerous times how beautiful my skin looks.  During the most difficult times, it was a relief to feel some sort of normalcy, and being a part of this organization gave me just that. For anyone undergoing cancer treatment or for those in remission, I could not be more proud to recommend a visit with Holly at Looking and Feeling Fab! “

Amy (Breast Cancer) - "Look & Feel Fab was a blessing, as I needed chemo and radiation.  LFF has been kind, courteous, respectful, professional and helpful. My skin went through many changes with chemo and radiation. People noticed how great it looked. I started the oil and lotion regimen prior to my radiation and had very minimal burning or redness. The program helped my journey through radiation. My physician and nurse were all very impressed. To date, I do not have redness or discoloration.  My skin treatments help skin maintain its flexibility and smoothness. The regimen helped through physical therapy and preparation for my last breast surgery. I have found the program extremely beneficial and have recommended it. My nurses were not aware of the program and now have information to help others."

Bob (Melanoma)I was diagnosed with Melanoma in June of 2015.  I was placed on 2 chemo drugs Vemurafenib and Trametini B.  As a result one of the side effects was skin sores.  I was told about the foundation Looking & Feeling FAB, by a friend.  Cancer being the frightening life altering experience that it is, I was very skeptical to try anything.  I finally met with Holly Brown at my house, and she brought all of thelotions and cleansing foams and showed me how to use them step-by-step.  I began to use all of the products and within days I could see a difference, and within, and within 2 weeks they were pretty much gone.  I cannot say enough about Holly’s foundation and her patience and kindness taking me through all this."

Jennifer (Breast Cancer) - Holly and Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc. was just what I needed to help me feel whole again.  You see I had breast cancer and after going through chemo, surgery and radiation I was left feeling ugly, cancer is ugly and it made me feel ugly.  Then I met Holly at Looking and Feeling Fab she was like an angel. She knew so much about the effects/after effects of cancer treatments and what it does to the skin, she taught me a lot. More importantly she treated me with dignity.  She treated my skin, she was gentle, caring and explained everything in detail. Because of Holly and what she does I feel beautiful again. It's hard to have confidencemeeting people when you feel ugly, people see your face first, then they see you.  Holly, thank you for what you do, how you do it and why you do it. I would not have felt worthy of my new job if it were not for you giving me the care and confidence to put myself out there face first.  Thank you for everything you do”

Testimonials from Professionals

February 24, 2015



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recommend Holly Brown whom I recommend highly and without hesitation.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Holly Brown for over 2 years. Holly has been a volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program at our hospital (Signature Healthcare in Brockton, Massachusetts).

Along with her sister Tracy, Holly has volunteered many hours to assist our patients. Not only is she knowledgeable about make -up and skincare, but Holly is a gift to our patients. Though the “Look Good, Feel Better “program lasts for 2 hours, Holly never leaves on time. She stays until each and every patient feels comfortable with their make-up and has their questions answered. Often, patients feel so at ease with Holly, they stay after the program to chat with her.  Always gracious, Holly makes each and every patient feel special.

As an Oncology Patient Navigator, I see first- hand the struggles patients face when they receive a cancer diagnosis. Holly makes a difference in their lives.

 After a recent make- up session, a patient who has had a long and difficult treatment course volunteered that this was the first time in almost a year that she “felt like herself”.

 Diligent, knowledgeable, and caring, I am pleased to support Holly.

 Please contact me with any questions.


 Deborah Teevens-Gangl

Patient Navigator

Signature Healthacare

680 Centre Street

Brockton, MA 02302

 P 508 941 7817

F 508 941 6205


 February 24, 2015

To whom it may concern:

I am writing on behalf of Holly Brown who I have known now for approximately 2 years and have had the pleasure of working with during this period of time and hopefully into the future.

Holly first contacted me, in my capacity of Program Director of the Cancer Support Community – Mass South Shore, to talk about the work she was doing and hoped to do more of, with people who had been diagnosed with cancer.  Specifically she was interested in educating people about how to best take care of their skin as they were diagnosed with and moved through their cancer treatment and beyond.    It was clear to me from my first meeting with Holly that she had a deep commitment to this mission and an enthusiasm about what she wanted to do for others.

I get any number of requests from people who would like to come to do workshops or presentations here at CSC-MSS but I was struck by Holly’s desire to want to make a difference to people and by her knowledge of the issues that face people dealing with a cancer diagnosis as well as her obvious expertise in the field of aesthetics as a certified oncology aesthetician. 

Since then she has come here to give presentations on how one can best care for their skin during their cancer journey and has been very well received.  But perhaps even more importantly, Holly, through her foundation, Looking and Feeling FAB, has been able to offer many of the people who come here an individual skin care session(s) and wonderful products – free of charge.  The feedback that I get regarding the service that Holly has been able to offer these people has been overwhelmingly positive.  People have been impressed not only by Holly’s expertise but by her caring and generous spirit.  

I find myself feeling lucky that Holly found her way to me, to CSC-MSS and to our participants. And while I frequently refer people to Holly and Looking and Feeling Fab, it is most telling that one of our participants hearing the story of someone have skin issues will say, without reservation, “you have to get in touch with Holly right away – she’s the best!”

 Tim Cummings, MSW,LICSW

Program Director – Cancer Support Community-Mass South Shore

120 Longwater Drive, Norwell, Ma. 02061


 ³My name is Becky Kuehn and I am the US Director and National Educator for Oncology Esthetics-USA.  I met Holly Brown when she attended the certification and training course for Oncology Esthetics.  Holly is a skilled Aesthetician with great understanding and knowledge of how the skin functions and what is required to help it heal.  Combine that with her passion to care for and help those with cancer and other health issues, she is truly a gem².