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The following classes are scheduled for 2020.

Both will be held at Anna Lotan Pro, 400 W. Cummings Park, Suite 1200, Woburn, MA

Monday, February 17, 2020         -             10 AM - 4 PM (1 hr lunch)

Monday, March 9, 2020               -             10 AM - 4 PM (1 hr lunch)



What is Oncology Overview Class for Estheticians?

Oncology Overview Class is a 5 hour class to give Estheticians the tools to be able to perform treatments on those

who have or have a history of cancer.

What Will I learn in Class?

  • Why its important for Estheticians to know how to safely treat an Oncology client.

  • How treatments (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Targeted and immunotherapies) affect the skin.

  • How to treat these side effects

  • Conducting a full medical history intake

  • How to prepare your room

  • Things TO say

  • Things NOT TO say

  • Setting Limits

  • Choosing proper products

  • Rerouting massage - Educating those with cancer how to stay safe while enjoying the spa experience

  • Furthering your education - 3 day Oncology Class

  • Scenarios and Demonstrations

Will I be a certified Oncology Esthetician?

In Massachusetts continuing education is not recognized by the Dept. of Cosmetology and Barbering.  You will receive a Certificate of Achievement stating you took the overview class and will have the tools to safely perform a treatment on an Oncology Patient.  However, we recommend that if you want to work with this clientele exclusively it is really important to take the more advanced training.

When I complete the training can I work for the charity?

Working with Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. is a very extensive vetting process.  Just by taking this class you are in no way associated or "working" with or for the charity.  Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. does hire practitioners but one of the requirements we take very seriously is to have the extensive 3 day training under your belt. 

What makes the instructors qualified to teach this class?

Holly Brown and the Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. staff have been working with cancer patients exclusively for over 5 years.  They have treated over 250 skin care issues resulting from cancer treatment.  FAB is the 1st charity of its kind in the country and have paved the way for skin side effects to be brought to the forefront as something nearly every cancer patient experiences.  FAB has also been educating cancer patients and medical staff, caregivers etc as to important precautions' someone with cancer needs to take when going to a spa, for a lifetime post cancer.  Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. has worked with more cancer patients than any other organization in existence. 

I am an Esthetic Student can I attend the class?

Yes if you are currently attending school to become an Esthetician you can attend the class. 

How much does it cost to attend the class and what does that include?

The cost for the class is $150.  Included in the tuition is 5 hours of training with 1 hour lunch break.  Real scenarios and demonstrations given.  You will also receive a binder with all the information you learn in class and a certificate of achievement.

How can I find out when the next class is and how do I sign up?

Click the link HERE and list all your questions or your interest to register.