Our "Healing Program" is offered exclusively through the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden.  

To begin the "Healing Program" we encourage you to attend an educational presentation called Skin Care Essentials: Before, During and After Cancer Treatments. 

To find dates and times and/or to sign up for an educational presentation please click here.

We also offer one on one treatments at "The Healing Garden."  If you are interested in booking a one on one treatment please contact The Healing Garden at (978) 456-3532, or email Kelly at Kelly@healinggarden.net.

 One on one treatments consist of education on caring for your skin as well as a customized professional treatment aimed at combatting side effects one may be experiencing such as dryness, itchiness, burns, scars, soars, skin grafts, lymph node removal etc.  The cost of one on one treatments are based on the sliding scale already predetermined by "The Healing Garden."  Products used in the treatments may also be purchased at a 20% discount.  For more information and a price list please ask your treating Aesthetician.