Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. 

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Offering comfort and relief to those with cancer,

through integrative therapies, alleviating side effects

and improving quality of life.  



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Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity.  All our practitioners are Oncology Trained and work exclusively with Oncology related skin issues and massage. 



Skin issues resulting from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, targeted and immunotherapies are very prevalent with very little help available.  In fact statistics say that 85% of people who undergo radiation develop a MODERATE to SEVERE burn.  1 in 3 cancer survivors stated that the skin side effects they developed from cancer treatment NEGATIVELY affected their lives. 


Please take time to learn about us as you navigate through our site.  We are the first nonprofit of its kind and we offer a lot of services for those who may be suffering in silence.


In the beginning ......

Massachusetts Esthetician, Holly Brown, Oncology trained, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Sarcoidosis.  She founded Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. after developing a rash from chemotherapy infusions.  When reporting the rash to her Dr's, they responded with blank stares and silence.  She knew there had to be something to help.  But Holly soon found out there was no help to alleviate these devastating side effects leading to low self-esteem, isolation, and decrease in quality of life.  Holly was determined to change this and in 2013 her dream became a reality when Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc. achieved nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the federal government. 

Fast Forward to 2019 ......

Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc.(LFF) is the industry leader in treating skin side effects from cancer treatment.  LFF is the first nonprofit in existence that concentrates exclusively on treating these side effects.  LFF has treated more skin issues for Oncology patients than any other organization in existence.  They have seen hundreds of skin reactions from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, targeted and immunotherapies and helped hundreds who would otherwise suffer in silence.  Every skin side effect differs from person to person and requires a well thought our course of treatment customized to the individual, their situation and where they are in their battle.  Education is very important to avoid recommending products containing ingredients that may interfere with treatment, cause irritation or more importantly cause cancer.  As time goes on more and more in the medical community and cancer world seek out the expertise of LFF after witnessing the drastic improvements their treatments have made with compromised skin.  


What we do .....

  • Introducing the people behind the organization who make it all happen. Check out our awesome supporters.  Click on OUR TEAM
  • Offering a number of programs for those suffering with cancer and survivors.  For more information please click the PROGRAMS  tab at the top of the page.
  • Offering a "Skin is in" educational presentation about compromised skin.  For more information please click the SKIN IS IN tab at the top of the page. 
  • Offering a "4 hour oncology overview class" for estheticians.  For more information click the ESTHETIC STUDENTS / ONCOLOGY CLASS tab at the top of the page. 
  • Offering our Online FAB store so that consumers can purchase bracelets, Hale & Hush products and our "Liquid Gold" essential oil blend.  You can also support this great, grass roots nonprofit where 100% of your donation goes to funding treatments FREE for cancer patients.  For more information click the FAB STORE tab at the top of the page.
  • We specialize in the skin.  Learn about healthy skin, compromised skin, See testimonials of our work and those who have made donations in name of a love one we had an impact on.  To see all this click the LOOKING FAB tab above.
  • We hold events to keep us funded and thriving so we are able to offer more services.  We also volunteer at a lot of community events.  To see all this click on the tab LETS PARTY!